Before and After

Before and After ..

Before and After

Here's few pics of me. I didn't know how to get it right, so I just give you the photos flat out. The first picture I was at my biggest. 319 i think I was at the time. I was a 315 and 319. Now 171 -178 pounds I've been stuck in that range as of lately.

push myself

after weight loss

looking back at my biggest, kinda get a Lil emotional. Because its crazy. Even when I'm at the gym, and on the elip goin hard for an hour I have my moments when I want to break down cry, because while I'm on the machine I'm my own cheerleader. I have to tell myself things to make this change happen. I had to love myself, to push myself. Straight up. I had tell myself I can do it basically sweet talk myself. Its like building a relationship with urself. Talking to someone you never knew was there, but always there. For real! Nah I don't have the great body! no I'm not where i want to be, but I'm sure not where I use to be.

-Ben Robinson-

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